Retool table refresh

I want to refresh the data in table in retool app i am getting from zoho. But zoho analytics doesn't support webhooks. Is there any alternate way ?

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Can you share more information about when or how you would want to refresh the table?
Screenshots will help as well.

I am getting data from zoho analytics and showing that in my retool app table. but zoho free app only allows 1000 request per day. So, Is there any alternate way, I can show data with realtime updates. without exceeding the limit, zoho analytics doesn't have webhooks and i can't use polling.

How do you load the table? Is this a public app? Are you periodically running the API to call zoho?
The only way I see around it is by asking the user to click on a button to refresh the data but only allowing that button to be clicked X number of times. Otherwise, you may have to pay for zoho.... need more information.

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Retool team, can this be done with a Timer component? Or, with a workflow that runs at certain intervals?

If not, both are great ideas!




You could definitely use a workflow in Retool to call the api query on a schedule! However, workflows don't push live updates to apps yet.

Retool app queries also have a "run periodically" option, as Scott alluded to, which might be nice here since this will only run when someone is interacting with the app.

We don't have a setting for limiting a query to run x number of times in a day, so I agree that you'll still have to create some logic to track that if you think you may be close to hitting the 1000 requests (and possibly some visual indicator that tells the user they can no longer run the query).