Update Retool App view/data via Workflow?

Use Case: We have a third-party Windows CRM-type application and are using Retool to extend dashboard functionality. This Windows app can fire to a webhook any time the user selects a customer. This payload includes both customer and workstation IDs. I'd like to capture this payload and update a Retool web app so that if the user is looking at Customer A within the Windows App, the Retool App will also show Customer A.

Current State: The user selects a customer within the Windows App. The user then searches for the same user within the Retool Web App.

Goal: The user selects the customer within the Windows App and, if the user is also using the Retool App, update the Retool screen to reflect the customer.

can you add a query and set it run periodically?

Well, it’s the hook from the Windows app that fires the workflow, not the app. So that won’t work. I could store the payload in Firestore and then query Firestore periodically but that seems expensive.

Hello! Hmm, you ask a good question. The only way I can think of so far would be to kick off a Workflow that updates a db with your payload, user info, etc. that then populates these values in an app. Does something like that sound like it could work for your use case?