How to pushing data from workflow into apps

I have been digging around quite a bit and I am just not finding anything that seems to deal with this question. I am hoping there is a way to get data from a workflow and push it into all users apps. The use case I have in mind would be something like google sheets. When someone changes something in a sheet, everyone in the world currently who has the sheet open, immediately sees the change populate on screen. I'm thinking retool workflows can do something like this. The idea would be something like a shop floor scheduling app. Where a supervisor's management app would be constantly updating in Realtime as people are signing on and off of jobs, shipments are going in and out. I am struggling with triggering events in a users app in response to a triggered workflow that was triggered by a different users app. Is this even possible or am I just turning around?

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Hey @shawncrocker!

As of now, this isn't supported unfortunately though similar behavior has definitely been requested in the past. The closest I've seen someone come is this blog post from a couple of years ago on setting up real-time updates.

Other than that you could potentially store updates in Retool Database and have your app periodically run a query that checks for any updates.

Thanks @Kabirdas. I have done some testing with some websocket services. At first I was trying Pusher. It seemed to require some custom endpoints to be created by the user in order to enable the retool app to send out authenticated events. This just ended up being overly complicated for the moment. I ended up going with Ably. Ably allows using keys to provide authentication for the retool app to send out events. So I have managed to get a fully real-time system setup. I think I will end up hopefully triggering a workflow and have the workflow send out the Ably events because a lot of things happening in our app are lengthy multi-step processes.

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