Connect WorkFlow to Retool App

i am just learning about retool workflows and i am aiming at runing a cron job that returns an access code from zoho invoice using a refresh_code am using rest_api to run this.
my challenge i getting the results i am getting from the workflow into my retool app so i can refresh my data every 5min

Hey Vincent,

I have some workflow data that I currently have to process into a PostgreDB table when the workflow is run. The app should have a state/query that reads the value from the DB on the 5 minute timer and updates with the value if it has changed (or just always pull the latest value). That should be able to then trigger the app events when the state changes (or every 5 minutes).

Hey folks!

You can set a query to run periodically in its advanced settings:

If the flow only needs to be run while your app is open it may be best to just make the request directly this way. However, you can also use it to query a DB that's being updated from your workflow.

Since you mentioned access and refresh codes, I also want to mention that refresh flows are a part of custom authentication (see docs here) in case that might be relevant!