Can't login to a different organization


I was in an organization for a trial period (lilianagarciaarchived)

When we moved to a new organization (vivaaerobusanlytics) I can't be added. We get an error message saying I'm already in another organization.

I can´t login to the previous organization either since I was already deleted from that one. I only have the option to login with google. I tried signing up with that email with a password but that email already has an account linked to it and my account does not support login with email and password. Is there a way to delete the account? Or a workaround to this issue.

Jose Pablo Davalos

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Hi @jose.davalos

It looks like you were still a part of that organization as a disabled user and your GID was likely redirecting there as well. I've gone ahead and removed you and reset your GID so you should be good to join your new org. Let me know if you still run into any issues.

Hi Kabridas

Thanks for replying, I tried loging in to retool and now I'm able to login again, but I'm still getting sent to

Is there a way to change my login settings to login with a password?

Thanks again

I've gone ahead at reset your GID again, that should allow you to switch to using an email/password though logging in with Google SSO will automatically switch your log in method back. You'll have to either accept an invitation to another org or create your own. If you're trying to do the latter, are you making sure to click "Sign Up" when accessing Retool?

Thanks, that worked

I've been stuck on this for a while.

Thanks for all your help Kabirdas

Hi Kabirdas, I'm having the same issue!
I was in another account ( but when I try to login with Google, it just cycles me back to the login screen. Password reset doesn't work and my teammate cant' invite me to the new org. Could you reset me as well? Is there another way?

Hey This is happening to me as well. Can you guys check this as well?

@Abhishek_Goyal can you share some more details about what you're running into? Do any of the FAQs help you with a path forward? Accounts, Users and Billing FAQ

If not, consider contacting us as described on our contact page for accounts and billing help under "Account support": Contact Retool Support | Retool Docs