Can we make certain row uneditable of a editable column in a table?

Is it possible to make third row uneditable, as third row is the sum of the first and second row? Columns mango and apple are editable.

Have you looked at using the summary row option in the table?


There are plenty of reasons to have a subset of cells in a column editable - I have a use case at the moment. Showing a summary row doesn't solve the core problem here. Normally Retool does this by allowing an expression to evaluate the editable property of a cell - is that somehow possible with editable rows?

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Hey @jconroy! Agree that the summary row solves for this specific use case but doesn't address the core problem. We do have an internal ticket for allowing the editability of the cell / row / column to be programmatically assigned. Though it's not on the current roadmap, I've attached this topic to that internal ticket and can update you here as there is any additional information to share.