Summary row on tables

is there a way to add an summary row at the end of a table? this is very easy in excel

This post is for columns:

But it depends on how you are building the data. You might have to append a row to the initial data being used as the data source for the table.

Thanks @ScottR for sharing a related post!

Wanted to drop by here with an update since we recently added a new Add-on feature (summary row) to the new table component that makes it super quick to add a summary row and configure what you want to show in that row for each column.

You can now add a summary row out-of-the box, like this:

After you select Summary row, you can click into it to configure which columns you want to show a summary for, and whether you want Count Distinct, Min, Max, Average, or Sum:

Then you'd get this nice row at the bottom:

Hope this is useful for folks!

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