Buggy column-width when using dynamic columns

Hey all, found a bug with dynamic columns where the column widths are acting unhinged and are not controllable.

  • The column width defaults to something static (renders to 100px on preview, from what I see).
  • Any changes made to the width snaps back to the default: instantly on double click (attempts auto width) and within a second when manually dragging to set the width.

All of the above columns are dynamic-columns.

There's a second, related bug with the Table where, dragging to adjust with adds the column headers to the different selectedRows[] properties. This also triggers events related to row selection.



id is a static column, the rest are dynamic. The edge case of the extra row showing up breaks a lot of existing logic related to row counts and comparisons, and also triggers unwarranted events.

Captured the above on self-hosted running backend 3.12.1

Keen to know if anyone has workarounds or fixes for these.

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+1 - All our apps use dynamic columns and we're having a real problem with the width adjustment right now (just like is shown in the gif above). There's no way at this point to even read what the longer values in any columns are because 1. No tooltip on hover and 2. When trying to adjust, the column snaps back to original width before even letting go of the mouse button.

Please help! :slight_smile:

Thank you both for your feedback here! It's been shared with our Table team and we can hopefully get this addressed soon (I think we will :crossed_fingers:). To anyone else reading this thread, please continue adding your +1's and context!

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Exciting news! With our next Cloud deploy, dynamic column widths will now be resizeable. Thank you @rixlayer for the initial report and thank you @Jake_Strange for your added +1 and context :raised_hands:


is it deployed? because I am still facing the issue

Hey Hamza! What version of Retool are you currently on? And would you be able to share a screen recording of the current behavior you're running into? Thank you :slight_smile: