Bug in new table when reordering columns with dynamic columns and server-side pagination

I'm experiencing unusual behavior with a server-side paginated table that includes both static and dynamic columns. Here's what happens consistently after I reorder any column:

  1. Two empty columns get added for each dynamic column – one at the start, another at the end, and sometimes even in between.
  2. These empty columns overlap with the existing columns visually.
  3. It's challenging to remove these blank columns; trying to delete them in the sidebar either doesn't work or can add even more columns. Best way is to remove all dynamic columns.
  4. As I scroll horizontally across the table, these empty columns remain static and cover the regular, moving columns.

Reordering functions correctly without the dynamic columns. Has anyone else faced a similar issue?

After reordering a column (with three dynamic columns in the table)

This is what the sidebar looks like

Hello @devdee ,

Thank you for sharing your question.

This sounds a lot like a known issue pertaining to server-side pagination for tables. Various factors like the version of Retool you're using can affect this, but it might also occur due to incorrect configurations in your queries or table settings.

There are a few troubleshooting steps you can take:

  1. Check your data fetching and count queries to ensure they're correctly configured to align with the table’s ‘sortedColumn’ and 'sortedDesc' properties.
  2. Verify that server-side pagination has been correctly enabled in the Advanced Settings section of the Table component.
  3. If you're using dynamic columns, check that the 'key' value in dynamic columns settings matches the corresponding value in your data.

If the issue persists after these checks, it might be more specific to your setup or may be a limitation within Retool's current version. We are aware of this issue and we are actively working on improving the table component.