App got automatically "migrated" to a retool default template with a green header

I've been testing my multi-app application to address some performance issues (related to a separate thread here in the community forum). I was clicking back and forth between apps using links in my header module and links in table row actions. Using "edit" mode, not "preview" mode in my staging environment.

Without making any changes my main app was suddenly completely replaced by what I think was a retool template used for kickstarting development:

^^ This is not my app, this is what my app suddenly was replaced with ^^

I have been seeing a green header app briefly appear when my app is loading in edit mode. It is grayed out and looks like a loading placeholder and is previously replaced by my actual app when the editor loads.

This flashes briefly before my app loads normally. It's quick, I had to screen record to catch it for this screenshot.

This time was different - the app in the first screenshot above had replaced my app completely. Navigating away and back (and opening the app from the main Retool menu in edit mode) showed that my app had been replaced with this green header template.

This new green header template wasn't in the deployed version which still showed my actual app, so I checked the version history even though I hadn't made any changes intentionally.

I found several changes that I didn't make in my edit history for "Run Migrations" and "Minor Changes" (highlighted in the screenshot above). Reverting to my previous released version fixed the issue and restored my app. I reverted again to one of the "Run Migrations" changes to double check this is what caused the issue and my app was once again replaced by the green template.

My issue is resolved and I'm back to working on my app, but seeing it auto-"migrate" to a template was quite strange. Sharing in case anyone else comes across this issue and or if it's worth some prevention.

I'm using

  • Retool Cloud V3.50.0-a6ac5e6 (Build 1702460
  • Chrome Version 124.0.6367.91 (Official Build) (arm64)
  • macOS 14.4.1 (23E224) (Macbook AIr M1 from 2020)

I may have discovered what happened. I haven't created a new blank app in a while but I just did for some testing.

When creating a new blank app I am given 3 options for starting templates in a "get started" menu (highlighted purple in screenshot below):

  • Admin panel
  • Approval flow
  • Dashboard

The "Admin panel" option is selected by default, and clicking anywhere inside the editor view (highlighted red in screenshot below) will load this template.

It seems like these template options load for existing apps in addition to brand new ones (since I see the greyed out template briefly on app load). I thought it was just a loader but it may be possible to select one of these templates even in an existing app (and seems possible to select them on accident, replacing an existing app with a template, based on my experience above). If this is the case, it might be worth removing this option to switch to a template within an existing app or at least make it more explicit so it can't happen accidentally.

I am similarly having this issue when swapping apps in edit mode. However, I do have some reporting seeing it in Preview mode, but I have not been able to replicate it. Here is a screen recording of the issue in real time for us:

Retool App Swap Bug

Hey all, taking a look at this now. Thanks for reporting, I'll reply here as we have any updates. Just to confirm, everyone is still able to access the original app via the app history?

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Yes, I was able to restore to original app.


Great, glad you were also able to revert. We've got some engineering eyes on this and looks like we are making progress on root cause. Will update again as we get any new information.


Hey all, the fix for this was released Friday evening. Let me know if you are still seeing that template flash when navigating between apps, but this should be resolved!


Fixed! Thank you.

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Fixed for me as well. Thanks @joeBumbaca!!

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