Embedded Retool app queries no longer working

Hey, recently our embedded app stopped working and we're trying to debug. We successfully created the embed URL, but the API requests (e.g. GET https://{our_custom_domain}/api/pages/public?embed={app_id}) coming from the following React code:

import Retool from 'react-retool';
<Retool url={url} />

are failing. I see the error message { "success": false, "message": "No organization associated with this request" }, but the Retool user does indeed have permission to use the app. What's also weird is that the embedded app Retool components do show up, but sadly none of the actual queries work.

I'm not sure if this issue is on our end or Retool's, but any insight would be appreciated, thanks!


Hey @lj96 - Our development team is digging into what's causing this now, we'll keep this thread updated as we learn more and work towards a fix!

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The fixes for these cases are proving to be more involved than we initially thought, but we're working on putting them together :pray:


@jmann hi, we actually were able to resolve the issue by giving the relevant permission group explicit access to the resources used by the embedded app. For now, this is a suitable workaround.

I don't believe these explicit permissions were necessary when we first made the embed app. The resources use by the app were implicitly accessible to any groups who had access to the app itself.


Hey @lj96 would you happen to have a screenshot or navigation instructions on where we can find this setting? We're experiencing the same issue.

Sure, it's under the Resources tab.


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Thanks for the details on the workaround here @lj96! Just to keep folks updated, the fixes weren't ready until a little too late in the day yesterday, looking to deploy once folks are online west coast time this morning.

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Thanks so much!

Did something change here? I am seeing this issue now too.

Hey @Chris_Ruppelt, nothing should have changed here. Can you share what version of Retool you are using? When did you start noticing this error?

Hi, in what version was this fixed?