BUG: Avatar dropdown in table causes browser to freeze and is not scrollable

Without any changes to the app on our end, the avatar dropdown in the table component stopped working.

In the past, you would be able to select any 'avatar' entry in the table, and a dropdown would appear with around 6000 entries. It was never an issue to scroll through and search this list. As of this week, this is not possible anymore. Instead, selecting the avatar field, causes the browser to freeze (tested on edge and safari, macos). After waiting for a while, the list appears, but then when you try to scroll it, the entire page scrolls and the list disappears.


It basically renders the application useless for the use case.

Even when reducing the list to 350* results, the behaviour is similar. In this case, the browser does not freeze, and the list shows up more quickly. Yet, it is still not possible to search or scroll the list, as any such behaviour results in it disappearing.

*also tested it with 10 and 20 results. Same behaviour. Scrolling the avatar list simply does not work anymore.

Doubling down on this. mine doesnt crash with around 100 results, but the fact that its not a scrollable list makes it really annoying to use as you are sentenced to searching for a result.

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Hi there! Thank you for reporting this. We flagged this regression to our team :disappointed: it looks like we've already come up with a fix. I'll check on the version # for the fix & follow up here

It sounds like the fix will go out with v3.19 next week!

Great to hear that - thanks for the update!

@Tess with the latest release, we are still experiencing the issue. The application is still not usable.

Hi @mak Thanks for checking in! :disappointed: I looked into this, and it looks like this got pushed to v3.20.0 which should come out for Retool Cloud users today (it looks like it should be available in a couple of hours). My apologies! I wasn't notified of this change.

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