New Table: Resize columns causes all rows selection

Hi Community.

With the new table component, when I edit a column width, the "select all rows" option enables. Is there any way to avoid this at table configuration?




Hi. No clue on this?

Hi @David_Sanchez_Pelaez This looks like a bug :thinking: I'm flagging it to our engineering team

Thanks for reporting this!

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Hi Tess.

Something new on this? Bug is still there.


Hi @David_Sanchez_Pelaez,

It's still in our queue to be fixed :disappointed: I'll reach back out here if I get any updates

I also have this problem. When I resize or move a column.

When the columns are resized, a row appears in the selectedRows array with all values equal to null. This happens with or without data in the table.
I viewed this result by displaying a stringified JSON version of table.selectedRows.

I am on Retool self hosted version 3.22.3.


Hi! Any updates on this bug? We're also still seeing it on Retool self hosted version 3.33.20.

Thank you!

Thanks for checking in! I haven't gotten an update yet :disappointed:

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