Avoid values reset after i go to another app

Hi i got one app but divided in two. One is a table of clients with custom filters.

When i need details from client i open a new app and that app have all client details. That app have a button for closing and when closing it goes back to the first app or first screen.

I need to know if it’s possible to keep the values of the first screen i got some custom filters using select box, date range, text input and so on.

Any idea? Thank you

You should use a modal for the "app" with the client details.
When you say "keep", are you reloading the app or merely closing the new tab?

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When i click a button on first page it opens the other app in retool. In the second app i have another button to close and go to first app again.

I use an app because have too much info for a modal and looks better. Maybe if i open the client details in another tab instead of the same page? And in the second app when closing just close the app without going to the first.

Or use variables to save all filters in the first page and when back set values

Yes open the app in new tab would be the better choice

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What about if user still wants open all in same tab? I can use localstorage or maybe variables?

You can't open both apps in one tab...
Not sure on what you are asking to do...

A user clicks on a link that contains a customer name, that link should open a new tab containing some url parameters for the new app to use and load the customer information?

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Yes i have

1 app with a table with clients
User may click on a button to open client details in another app i know if i open app in another tab works good. But client doesnt want another tab.

The thing is my client details app have a button to close and go back to the first app the one that have client table. But if user uses filters etc i lost all that when open the new app in same windows.

Im thinking in using localstorage to save all filters then after close client details set values again of those filters.

Right now im passing client id in localstorage to load it in the client details app i can pass also filters then set values back after app is closed. Using url parameter is a good idea too.

OK well you should use localStorage if you're going to open the second app in the same tab...

got it, thank you

Have you considered putting everything in a tabbed container? Your other app can then just be the next tab in the same app. The actual tab navigation can be hidden.

Instead of opening another app, the current container tab just changes. The back button in the 2nd app just swaps back to the first container. No storage needed :slight_smile:


Yes its an alternative but both apps have like 10 queries and im scare that may slow things down. Also im self host with postgresql

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