Passing data between apps

Hi All,

Im trying to redo all my learning over the last year - which means all my small, test apps over the into one 'super app' for my company.

That being, one user interface, lots of pages (apps).

I've been trying to follow some blog posts and previous community posts on this, but I'm struggling to wrap my head around it.

Let's say for example - I have an app which I use to search for company names. (search-company).

I then want to open another app - which has all the details of this company (company-details). So, it will load a query - and the companyID will be the 'WHERE' in my code.

So, how do I get the companyID from my search-company app to my company-details app?

How do I physically add the companyID to 'something' and then pass it into the other app?
I'm struggling with this, and I know it's simple once you know.......

For context - I have a topNav module, and a sideNav module - which open all the different apps.

thanks for any help,

I would be interested in knowing this as well. I have my data that pops up in a modal window, but i would like to edit/update teh record in another app

Hello!, one way to "send" data between apps is to use the URL.

lets say in search user we choose user with id = 1

then we pass user id as a header parameter in the details user app

and in page load we query data where user id matches url param user id

SELECT * FROM sample_users WHERE id = {{ urlparams.hash.user_id }}



thank you very much for the detailed and thoughtful response.
I will try this out -


thats beautiful. works a treat! Thank you!

Thanks for this.

I can't seem to get this work, because my navigation that I am using (where I need to attach the hash params) is a module - because I want to use the same nav across different apps.

So, when I add a hash param to my button that opens the 'next app' - I need to add this on the module for my Nav - which of course doesn't have any link to where I need to take the data to add to the URL.

Is this solvable this method or should I be looking to use local storage?


have you tried the module inputs?

Thanks Scott,
I hadn't - but now see them.

Although this seems quite a clunky way /workaround to pass data between apps. I think
local storage may be cleaner.... unless I'm missing something.

thanks again

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