How to pass data between Retool Apps without using `urlparams`

Hello folks! New to the Retool community and also to Retool :slight_smile:

I'm working on an app that has two pages:

  1. Search results page
  2. Details about a selected item from (1)

I'm passing data from (1) to (2) via urlparams. Is there another way to do so?

Currently both (1) and (2) are individual Retool Apps that are navigated with "More details" / "Back" button that calls `utils.openApp()" on the click Event Handler.

Hi @Aarij_Anwer, welcome to Retool.

I'm not an expert but it seems there are several ways you can achieve what you want.

The "proper" Retool way is one app per page, using URL params or #.
But as you have found, this might not be always desirable.

You can keep the details in the same app as the search results by either:

  • hiding a container or part of a container (eg footer) and displaying it when the item is selected.
  • open a modal dialog to display the details over the top of the user space
  • using the new Drawers component to pull the detail in from the side of the screen (nice!)
  • using a tabbed Container
  • using the Views section of a container

Otherwise you are basically doing the right thing for what you want to achieve. IMHO


Thank you for the details, @stewart.anstey. Much appreciated :raised_hands:

You can also use localStorage