App component and query changes not saving

Hi all,

Upon opening my Retool environment this morning, I noticed that any changes I make to components disappear on refresh, even after a manual save (Ctrl+S). On top of this, attempting to save a query results in the Save button continuously spinning.

I'm certain it's not a network issue, as other web applications are loading normally AND there is no Retool notification informing me that there is a connection issue. Also, according to, all systems are operational at the time of writing this post.

Can anyone shed some light on what might be causing this issue? Recently, the only thing that might be considered out of the ordinary on our end is that we recently upgraded from a trial Business plan to a paid Business plan (as of 15/03/24).

Thank you in advance.


When attempting to run a query, I noticed that the following error appears in the browser console. It appears to show a 402 (Payment Required) error:


Also, when navigating the Billing/Plans dashboard the following message appears when hovering over the Downgrade button.

It indicates that we have an annual plan that runs through to Invalid date. Apart from the Invalid date bug, we actually have a monthly plan, so this information is wrong.

Not sure how relevant this is, but it may be related to our aforementioned recent plan upgrade. I hope this information is somewhat useful.

Thanks again.

This was a bug on Retool's end that was fixed by the support team. It was indeed related to the trial-to-paid upgrade!

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