Retool says query is not defined, although query loaded succesfully

I'm experiencing an issue over and over again and I don't know what the cause is: sometimes there is an error raised, saying that a query is not defined - although it actually is defined and it has also been succesfully triggered/loaded by the retool app! This is independent of whether the query runs automatically or is only triggered manually. In the attached screenshot, retool says that SQLgetCompanyStatus is not defined, although the green preview field shows that data was loaded succesfully. This error appears quite regularly and is kind of annoying as it is not clear what the reason is. Resetting the app state does not solve the issue.
Does anyone have an idea?

This is something we've been investigating for a couple months now! It's super fickle and we haven't found any patterns for when it shows up, so it's been tough to fix this. It's probably not the answer you're hoping for, but we're aware this is happening, we're as stumped as you are, and hoping to find some clues for how to fix it :sweat_smile:

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Noting that this very issue has been reported and/or tracked in other threads; would be great if Retool support could corral these as much as possible :slight_smile:

for example:

Also this still affects basically every one of our apps for every component in any code view for months now. we're on v3.46.0-bf46a70 (Build 167542)