Queries keep enabling "show notification on success" randomly when I have it disabled

I'm not sure what my issue is but the past couple weeks Retool has been super buggy for me but on all browsers and computers.

The first issue I have is queries randomly re-enable the show notification on success. I disable this immediately on all queries, yet out of the blue I'll be working and some will be popping up success notifications. I check, and sure enough it's turned on. Is there any other way this could get enabled, as I am completely confident that I am not turning it back on.

The second issue I have is when editing Javascript under "Run Script" actions, the autocomplete only works maybe 25% of the time. I'll type a query name, or a component name, and nothing happens. Same with when you press period after it to see the functions. I will reboot, and often it will work for a few minutes, and then back to no autocomplete.

Hi @lmonroe - We do have an existing bug regarding the autocomplete not working, which is also associated with components showing as "undefined". As you've noted, refreshing the page does tend to resolve this so this is the workaround for now. I've associated this thread with that ticket and will let you know when we have feedback from our engineering team.

Regarding the notification on success issue you raised, I'm having some difficulty reproducing this on my end. Would you be able to share some more details for this: I assume this is specifically in regards to the checkbox on the JS query? Are you seeing that this is the only change that is randomly reverting? Would you be able to share any steps to reproduce? i.e. are you being sure to hard save the change to the query, are you continuing to edit the app and then see the change revert or is this happening when leaving an app and returning later? Any more details you can provide here would be really helpful! Thanks!