Alternative to groupby on Plotly charts?

It seems that when using Plotly, if you use the 'group by' functionality to split out data, it's hard to style those data groups differently from each other.

A workaround for this would be to avoid using 'group by' by splitting up my data into groups beforehand, and then using a custom Plotly data JSON to render each one separately.

Any tips on how to do this data transformation in Retool? Ideally I'd do something like {{ => r.groupField == 'targetGroup').fieldToPlot}}.

Hi @sirdavidoff!

Can you share a bit more context on how you'd like to style the chart? I think that may help to narrow down some workarounds.

For example, in this chart that is grouped by region, would you want to style West-sales and West-spend differently (as well as the other regions)?