Same SQL formatting in Query Library editor as in Apps editor

Retool is my favorite SQL query tester so I love to sketch out queries in retool before I copy over the SQL to production. Right now, I use a throwaway retool page to do query building, but Query Library is better because it's 100vh height, whereas on the page, there's a max height of like 80vh or something, so therefore query builder is 20% better :joy:. The downside is that there's no SQL formatting in Query Library, but there is on a normal retool page, so I still use the normal retool page, but 20% of that vertical height is lost and wasted. This is already built into the normal editor so it would be great to have feature consistency in the Query Library too, with the same keyboard shortcut of ctrl/cmd+L.

Left is what Query Library editor looks like today, right is what App editor looks like today.


Bumping this thread. This would be a huge quality of life improvement using the Query Library.