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Just floating an idea to other devs...

Working on nested list views, mapbox, charts and similar components makes it a developer hell, looping, infinite loads etc.

Could we perhaps make a mode where all query running is disabled so you can freely edit UI without having to wait for components to render the data?

Happy to expand on this topic!

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Hey @stefancvrkotic ,

We get this request a lot, and we're still thinking through what the right user experience should look like for this. Another usecase for this we hear about is if you have a very large app with several queries so the initial load takes forever, but all you wanted to do is go in and change one small thing.

Feel free to expand on the topic here, or with me in a DM – we're happy to take your use case into account as we design the right user experience for this.

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old request but wanted to throw my support behind it as well! I just had to deal with a module choking on queries running with no data...just so i could finally change them not to run on no data. crashed my browser twice before I could make the changes

Hi @eslinz, I added your +1 to the FR!

@bobthebear, tagging you here so you are notified with updates on this FR.