XIRR and Financial Calculations

Are there any financial calculations available in Retool or any way to calculate XIRR on irregular dates/cashflows in Retool? Thanks!

Hi @spankingnew! Generally, calculations in Retool would either be done within a query or with Javascript code. If you want to either post a screenshot of the data you're working with we can pair with you on getting the right code for your financial calculations :slightly_smiling_face:

Tess thank you for the prompt response. I'm not familiar with Javascript and I believe XIRR is not easily done via SQL query(from what I can tell you have to call an Excel workbook and then the Excel financial function add-in might not be activated, so I was hoping there might be a financial package of sorts in retool. The requirement is simple, for each investment take the cashflows which may be nonperiodic dates and calculate the XIRR(as opposed to the regular intervals required by XIRR), but the execution is more complex; depending on the method you use and initial guess it may return a different or no value.

Hi @spankingnew Thanks for the extra context! Retool, while low-code, still typically requires Javascript programming experience. We have some documentation here for getting started with Retool and learning more about SQL, Javascript, and how to build awesome Retool apps: https://docs.retool.com/docs/reschool We also have a developer network, if you're interested in hiring a freelance developer to help get your team started in Retool: https://retool.com/developer-network/

I'm not super familiar with XIRR specifically, but it looks like this code example might be a helpful resource for getting started :slightly_smiling_face: https://gist.github.com/ghalimi/4669712