Workflow response to webhook is "PENDING"?

I've thoroughly tested my workflow and it seems to work as expected. It's listening for a webhook from stripe and when I fired one of the events that the webhook is listening for, Retool gave this response:

  "success": true,
  "workflow_run": {
    "id": "42594d64-2a50-40d0-bc9f-d2615f71c600",
    "workflow_id": "<<myworkflow ID>>",
    "created_at": "2023-06-15T20:27:15.375Z",
    "status": "PENDING"

The final step of my workflow is a call back to Stripe, but I'm seeing that these didn't happen, so I'm wondering if PENDING has something to do with it. Does Retool hold these webhooks and run them at a later time or something?

Hey @hess411! Happy to hear that your workflow is working as expected, minus this pending step. Once the Workflow is triggered by the specific webhook, it should just fire without waiting to run in a batch or something similar. Are you seeing this with all your workflows or just this one? Would you mind sharing more about the final step (the call back to Stripe)? Any screenshots would be appreciated! :pray:

I worked with support on this one...I think the PENDING was really a red herring. My entire flow wasn't completing because the data didn't pass my IF/THEN (long story), but that fact was VERY hard/impossible to debug because the logging with workflows leaves a lot to be desired.

Understatement of the century.