Are there any webhook examples for Retool workflows?

Hi, I am trying to create a Retool workflow that is triggered when a Stripe payment link is paid. I have been using this link as reference (Stripe's webhook info page):
Use incoming webhooks to get real-time updates | Stripe Documentation

I have never dealt with webhooks before, and I am really confused on what to put in the trigger block. Do I need to create a URL elsewhere first similar to a redirect URL for this to work? Do I edit the example CURL line of the trigger block? (it does not seem like it can be edited). What goes in the JSON body?

I realize some of these questions may be very basic programming questions which is why I am hoping to find an example that is already built.
I have been looking for any examples of Webhook triggers for Retool workflows, but it seems all of the examples are chron triggers.

Hopefully this picture helps. it took me a bit of research to figure out but I have it up and working. Company cam has this paticular webhook set to fire upon the scope of "project.Label_added" so anytime a label is added to a project it fires the webhook.

I also created another webhook that is a little more involved that fires when an image is tagged inside of company cam that response json file doesn't have anywhere near the data to pull so i just take the tagged photo and project ID from the start trigger and built another query to pull the desired project data (with the project ID recieved in the triger) then dump the same info into the database

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The JSON block Example JSON inputis there simply for testing as it's description states:

Add a sample JSON input to develop and test your Workflows. When the webhook is called, this JSON is overriden by the actual request body sent by the client.

The example cURL is an example on how to trigger the workflow from Stripe. Within it is the URL you'll need to add in the Stripe webhook section.

I know what I am about to say is a bit out of scope for your question, but please realize that you can't validate that the request came from Stripe or hasn't been altered. So best only for reporting purposes perhaps. (sorry, had to mention that)

If you'd like to jump on a call (, Zoom, G-Meet), I'd be more than happy to work with you in explaining webhooks, securing them, and how you utilize the Stripe webhooks in a workflow. Our api receives webhooks from Stripe to handle ticket purchases for THAT Conference.

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An open Activity has been setup for January 27, 2023 at 21:00 UTC. Join at: Help setting up Stripe and ReTool Workflows.

Some helpful references while organizing for the call: