Workflow Error but Workflow still "Pending"

So I have a workflow (A) that calls another workflow (B). This morning (about an hour ago) A failed at the step that called B. It failed after 2:10 minutes and then when A was re-run, B failed after 2:36 minutes.

So a couple of oddities here:

  1. The step in A should have timed out (& failed) after 10s - why the additional 2+ minutes?
  2. Both invocations of B are still "Pending", showing a duration of 0ms on the logs and no other info to enable analysis as to what has gone wrong. No logs at all:

How do I move forwards from here please?!?

BTW with yesterday being a Bank Holiday here in the UK, I would have expected this workflow to have nothing to actually process and therefore complete very quickly once all the checks came back as such.

Hi @mawdo81 This is a bug that our team is looking into :confused:

They're actively working on a fix, and we're hoping to have it ship within a week or so. I'll reach back out when I have an update

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