Webhook shows pending

I am new to retool and been trying to send data from my CRM to retool using a webhook. The webhook response keeps showing pending:

webhook response: {"success":true,"workflow_run":{"id":"f4e862d2-9650-489b-ac53-dba15a866968","workflow_id":"70420e67-7487-4edc-8779-6945810012d2","created_at":"2024-02-14T06:02:56.492Z","status":"PENDING"}}

I have a simple workflow for now to see the data in retool.

Please help!!


I think what you are missing is a response. You're getting a generic response, but you can control it too and send back custom data. Add a new block, and instead of code choose response.


From there, you can set the status and define the data that will be sent back.

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@RAGHAV_SHALIGRAM, Let us know if this doesn't fully resolve it! Tentatively marking as a solution for the time being. Thanks @MikeCB