Wizard - No auto height available


i just stumbled across the wizard and its perfect for my use case. Unfortunately for some reason it does not have the option for auto height. The stepped container for example has it.

In general there is no theme option at all on the wizard.

Hi @G1ofG3

Thanks for reaching out about this! The stepped container is a newer iteration of the wizard component, which is why it has more functionality. I'd love to hear any feedback you have on what the stepped container is missing that the wizard has.

I'll share your feedback with our team about auto height on the wizard, as well as any ideas you have for the stepped container :blush:

Hi Tess, is this going to be available any time soon? Could I achieve this with custom CSS?

Hi @ggallese, I don't believe this is currently on our near term roadmap :disappointed: Does the stepped container help as a workaround?

Hi Tess, I see. Ok, I've just edited the module so that it uses the stepped container. Thanks!!

Hi @Tess!

Just wanted to chime in on the benefit of the wizard vs steps component.

I actually thought the wizard was newer but less complete, since it includes an awesome visual editor for step logic + virtual steps. It’s just easier to contain keep all the (potentially complex) logic for the wizard in one place, instead of crowding the rest of the app logic.

Big downside, of course, is the lack of compatibility with the latest Retool design paradigm.

No auto height is enough of a mess to deal with that it was worth switching to steps and handling the logic “manually.” I was able to make it work with CSS, but the button on the wizard is also not customizable… so you quickly get into murky territory.

Thanks for the detailed feedback, @matei. I don't believe we're currently working on wizard component updates, so I don't have much of an update in terms of an eta yet, but I've passed this along to our team!

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Thank you! @Tess