Virtual Steps in Wizard

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Is it possible to chain virtual-steps after each other in the Wizard component?

I'm using the Wizard component with multiple forms; depending the user inputs the final step of the Wizard is a series of virtual steps that trigger queries to submit the forms. I'm finding that putting virtual steps one after each other means that the Wizard still reaches the end of the workflow, but hasn't triggered one of my virtual steps? I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong or if chaining virtual steps is not-allowed? It seems odd that the virtual steps aren't firing but the wizard still reaches the final step?

Any help would be appreciated!

Hi @lukxf! Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, we have a bug where chained virtual steps are not triggering queries in the Wizard Component :disappointed: I'll post here when we have a fix, but I'd recommend looking for a workaround in the meantime.

I am wondering if the Stepped Container would work better for now? You can set certain events to happen conditionally:

If the stepped container has any limitations for your use case, please let me know and I'll share this feedback internally

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Thanks for the update @Tess. I ended up chaining the queries together but disabling them if conditions were met. I think is somewhat similar to what you've proposed with the stepped container, although less intuitive.

Would be good to have chained-virtual-steps in the Wizard, as chaining the queries obfuscates what the wizard is doing at each step.


Thanks for letting us know, @lukxf! :slightly_smiling_face: Agreed that it would be good to correctly support chained-virtual-steps. I'll post here when we've resolved the Wizard component bug!

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I seem to be encountering the same bug. Has it been resolved? Thanks!

Hi @katmh Thanks for reaching out! Unfortunately, we haven't shipped a fix for this bug yet :disappointed:

Still bugged. At least ship a warning in the interface if you're not fixing the issue.