Auto Height in table which Enable expandable rows not work

Thanks to the team work, the bug that Summary row cover the one row of table was fixed in recent update, and it's work perfect.

But when you expand a row, the height of outter table was set automatically yet.
Here is my table with auto heigth check.

When I click to expand row, the table4 height don't auto be refresh.

In my use case I have very much table which rely on the auto height feature of table, because it can be so effective make use of space in main frame, and the return data of query is various
in length. Set a fixed height is not fitted for our use case.

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+1 on this request - particularly maddening if there is more than 1 level of depth

This bug has been filed, thank you both!

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It seems to have improved to a certain extent. If I have a table which has only two level of expandable. It will work good, when I click + to add more row, the height of table will auto increate to include the new added row.

But If I have a table of three level of expandable, when I add the new rows to the third table, the height of second table still no increate.

Here is vedio show it.

Thank you for the video :pray: I added it to the internal bug report!