Why is retool app so slow

Your app is suddenly slow, while I am deleting components the site is freezing, is it my code or are you updating your server?

Hi @Gudrun_Stella_Agustsdottir Thanks for reaching out & I'm sorry to hear about this issue

It doesn't seem to align with any of our deploys :thinking: Are you still experiencing this issue? Were you able to delete all of the components you wanted to delete? I have seen this happen occasionally with larger apps or when deleting larger modules.

If you're still experiencing this issue, can you share the following info:

-Is it contained to one app or are all of your apps impacted?

-Are you using Retool Cloud or Retool on prem (self hosted)?

-What browser are you using?

-Are you able to share an export of an app that is impacted by this issue?