Self Hosted Retool [AWS : t3.large instance] <> Performance Issue


Our organization is currently utilizing a self-hosted instance of Retool version 2.117.5, deployed on a t3.large EC2 instance within AWS. While the dashboard is generally functioning well, we are experiencing latency issues when attempting to edit. Specifically, we have observed wait times of 5-10 seconds when adding a Button component to the UI.

Despite monitoring the CPU usage, which peaked at 19.58%, we are uncertain whether the latency issue stems from our AWS resources or if it is an inherent problem with the Retool instance. We would appreciate any guidance on whether an upgrade to our AWS resources is necessary or if there are potential optimizations for our Retool setup.

Hey @Tushar_Singh! Hard to say what's happening without seeing the app etc. Are the issues confined to the editing of 1 app in particular? If so, there's likely some large dependency chains in the app that are causing this. Can you share an export of the app here or via DM? In terms of general performance issues, the most impactful thing you could do would be to update to the v2 runtime.

We released a runtime v2 in (default in Retool version 3.0+), that provided some pretty large performance improvements in general. We had recommend bumping Retool to v 2.123.20 and turning this on for apps individually to test. But it has been working well and should help.