White labeled app and client access

Hi, I am having trouble finding the correct solution for my use case.

I want to create a white labeled application which I can then re-use for different clients with different back-ends. Creating this application using modules was quite easy but now I am stuck on how my clients will be able to manage their data.

Is this something Retool is designed for? Or totally not? If I add them as separate users with different permission groups I can give them access to their app but they will not enter the application directly but always through the Retool dashboard which isn't really what I want. And with public access I can share an url protected with a password but I would like a normal login instead of a random generated password.

So my question is: Is it possible to have multiple applications, each assigned to a specific client which clients can access directly? And what is the best practise for this?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey @RichardDB!

We’ve had people create versions of each app per-client to make managing access to data easier. You could then create a permission group per-client, and leverage the Workspaces feature, such that every user who logs in is immediately routed to the appropriate app. For the login page, you could apply custom branding and upload your logo.

The dev team is looking at ways of letting people build more products in Retool as well so that we might provide more support for use cases like these!

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That works realy nice. Just one question left :Is there a way to hide the quick menu in th eleft bottom f the page to go to the homepage? I want the end users only to use the app and nothing else. (@Kabirdas)

Hi @Jasper_Verbunt - happy to shed light on the options available to tailor your Retool apps to end-user use cases. Overall, the top-level answer is that to fully meet your use case, the features you're likely looking for tend to be on the higher tier plans.

Specific to your question, around hiding the quick menu with the Retool logo on it in the left bottom of the page, the only way to do so is to use custom branding. Custom branding is available on Business/Enterprise plans, although based on my testing outlined here, it's only possible to hide the Retool logo if you're on Enterprise.

Granular permissions controls are available on the Business plan or above, so to ensure your end users can't edit the app, Business or Enterprise would give you that control.

More recently (as I think Kabirdas was hinting back in January!) we released new products, Retool Portals and Retool Embed, over the summer that could be a good fit for your use case. They're specifically meant for "external" apps that are used by people outside your company. Here are the docs to learn more!

So lots of options - for example if you're willing to keep the little menu there, but want to customize branding colors/login screen logo/fav icon, and ensure users can't edit the app, you could use the Business plan. That would also allow you to leverage Portals or Embedded apps. If you don't mind users being able to click in to edit the app and don't want to try Portals/Embed, then you could still remain on a Free or Team plan.

Hope this info helps point you in a useful direction :slight_smile: