Multi-tenancy and log in management


I am trying to create a solution for my customer that needs an app for his customers to change the configuration of their devices remotely and I would like to know if i can make an app with Retool with log in auth that allows me to control de access.
Each customer has to access only to his information.

All of the customers have their information stored in the same databese connected to the Retool app.

I would prefer to avoid to make multiple apps for each customer, just only one for all of them.

The customer after log in in the app will see a various formularies to complete and submit in case he wants to apply the changes in to the database.

My question are the next:
-This development is it possible with the free account?
-The app can be embedded in to web page?
-Is it possible to make the log in auth that i mentioned before?

Hey @Denis_Pintea!

If you're using the free plan you might try restricting user access to data on the database side of things. Retool supports a number of different authentication methods for various resources, many of which are user-based (see the API authentication docs as an example). On the free plan, users will be able to edit any app or resource in your org but if the data itself is restricted by the resource auth they won't be able to access it given the correct settings. Curious to know where you're considering storing your data!

Sharing the app is a bit trickier, you can definitely embed your app in a web page but users will still need to log in to your Retool org in order to access it and the free plan is limited to 5 users. There are other options available on different plans though and you can read more about the options available for embedding Retool in these docs.

Let me know if that's helpful at all?