Which plans are the Header and Navigation Bar available on?


with Retool v2.72 On-Prem the new canvas frame and navigation component were introduced. I am a bit confused under which conditions i can use those. Is this just possible for the Enterprise billing plan? We currently got the Startup billing plan and our canvas is not divided into Header and Main and we got no navigation bar component to use.... Do we need to upgrade to Enterprise plan to use those elements?


Hi there! I just checked and it looks like the navigation component is available across all plans. What version of Retool are you currently running?

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Hi Jay thanks for the answer!

We are using Retool version 2.74.19. However, the canvas is not split into header and main, nor is the navigation component available to me in edit mode. Could this possibly be due to the fact that I exported the app from the cloud version at a time when the OnPrem version did not yet have the navigation component available and thus there is still a relict in the JSON of the app that blocks the functionality? But this would also not explain why the component is not selectable in edit mode i guess...

Here i got the screenshots of my version, search for the navigation component and the top of an edit page without header and main frame....


Hi there! I went ahead and applied this feature to your license. You should have access to it upon restarting Retool. :+1:

Feel free to message back on this thread if this is not the case!

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