Fixed-header section

It would be cool if there was a separate "tray" area on top where we could drag content (varying hugged height) that would become a fixed-position div at the top of the screen (which always remained visible regardless of scroll).
We could use this to create fixed-bar headings, filters, and other stuff we want to remain visible on top


That is exactly what the Header section has become. I use it for the app title and the new Navigation component.

Thanks @bradlymathews, that's exactly right! Any feedback on the new Header frame / Navigation component?

@byron, are you running Retool on-prem? If you are, it's not yet widely available in a stable on-prem release (but will be soon!). If you'd like to get started today though, shoot me an email (emily at and I can get you set up. All of our cloud customers should have access to it now!

Thank you Bradly and Emily! Sending you an email Emily