Changes in apps support for free plan?

nothing said about presentation mode not supported

this is new from today

@Retool_Moderator any comments here? does anybody knows?

Are you seeing this error when clicking Preview mode?

We have not removed this feature from any plan. I just tested it on an org with a free plan and no issues. Are you on Cloud or Self-hosted Retool?

yes, the bug still exists after pressing this button. see screenshot:

we are cloud hosted.

Thank you for clarifying! Were there any recent changes on your plan or license key? I found two instances of this happening:

  1. Customer made an upgrade to their plan (Startup) back when this feature was gated.
  2. On an Internal ticket, a customer was missing billing information on a paid plan.

But I don't think the above applies to you if you are on Free Retool. Unless we downgraded from another plan?

Please send me a DM with the name of your org, I'm happy to check if there is an issue with your plan.