Where to find console logs - s3


I just started using retool today and am trying to create a simple app which uploads to s3. I was able to connect s3 as a resource, and when I tested the connection it succeeded. However, when I try to upload files via the s3 upload button, I am getting an error with the message: "Error uploading file. Check console logs for more details". Where can I find the console logs?

Hey @kathryn, welcome to the world of Retool! You should be able to find your console logs by right-clicking any part of your canvas and clicking Inspect. Then a new window will pop up, where you can click the Console tab. Here are some screenshots of what this looks like:

Happy to help debug your S3 error if you need help with that. Just share a screenshot of what errors you're getting so we can have a better understanding of where to start :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks @Kenny ! I was able to fix my s3 errors.