Error - Cannot upload to s3

I've been using S3 uploader component for few months. From last week, i'm getting this error.

Console error

I can manually goto s3 bucket in aws console and still upload to my bucket. I believe something is with the Retool component which has changed all of a sudden. What could be some possible issues?

Hi @ltfrupdt Very strange :thinking: Thanks for reporting this.

I haven't been able to reproduce this on my side, so we should be able to get this component working again. Out of curiosity, have you tried multiple browsers or an incognito window?

Usually that error is shown if the Access key ID field in the resource setup page is not filled in, but we've also seen this error if the user opens the app in a different environment that doesn't have the resource set up (opening the app in staging when the S3 resource is only set up for production, for example)

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I did not have s3 resource for Dev env but only in prod. Issue was happening in Dev.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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