Unable to Upload multiple files to S3 resource

I am using the following docs to upload multiple files to s3 bucket
However I keep getting this error after the query ran successfully, even though I've followed every step.

  • statusCode:400
  • statusText:"Bad Request"
  • text:"<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> InvalidArgumentx-amz-aclpublicQ5XTW5D2SMKRRFAAV0kcC484cXDYFvih0fD8IRILNoUdrhPXTT3zXWlo0L5kZn3DopiA89ph2ka8wl/xnYugDDz5IVGZy7Zf0t+MHg=="

here's the s3 query

and the function that triggers the s3query

Alternatively I have used the s3Uploader component, which works fine but I need to upload multiple files at once.

Hello, When comparing notes between your screenshots and your linked docs, I see a difference in content-type. Any luck with using "Binary"?

Unfortunately getting the same error with all content-types

You could try checking your resource setup. Maybe you have the default acl set as "public" instead of "public-read"


Yes this was it. Thank you so much.

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