Where to configure button confirmation question?

I am supporting an app written by someone else. When the app's user clicks on a button, the user is asked a confirmation question. Where is the question configured?

The button's click event handler has no "Show a confirmation modal before running" configured and I can't find any setting in the button itself.

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It could be in the query itself?
Any screenshots?

Hello @Kyle_Blaney, maybe it's coming from a query triggered by the button.

Thank you, @ScottR and @edurmush!

The user sees the following:

The JavaScript query configured as the button's click event handler does not have a confirmation modal:
Button Handler

Have you checked the entire flow? Even if it is not in a query that the button runs, it may be in another query that it runs.

@edurmush "Advanced | Show a confirmation modal before running" is not checked for any query in the entire app.

This is so weird. In this case, I can't generate more ideas without seeing the application itself.
There might be something you missed or a bug.

For the button, is there an event handler?

@ScottR Yes, the button has a Click event handler, which does not have a confirmation modal configured. I looked at every query in the app - none have a confirmation modal configured.

If you could export your app as json and send it I will take a look. If you are not able to I will tag this and get attention to it though the Retool team are very good at redoing and helping out.

@ScottR I really appreciate your offer, but I can't send the app.

Last thing to check is Modules if there are any used.

The app does not have any modules.

@Kyle_Blaney I believe when "Run query automatically when inputs change" is set on a resource query, "Show a confirmation modal before running" is not shown as a option under the advanced tab but it still runs.

Try changing getInvoices to "Run only when manually triggered" then go to the advanced tab and see if "Show confirmation..." is enabled?

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I think then unless someone from the Retool team can look into your app, I don't have any ideas without seeing it....
You can also try office hours here:

@matth I appreciate your help.

All but one of the app's resource queries were already set to "Run query only when manually triggered". Even when I changed that query to run only when manually triggered, "Show a confirmation modal before running" was still unchecked.

I'm sure you've tried the code search for "Please confirm you made an offer"? That message is defined somewhere.

You're seeing this edit mode, so it's not a release mismatch?

Not sure if you can showConfirmation from js but you could check the various locations define custom js.

Screenshot 2023-10-20 at 10.08.38 AM

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Could even export to json and search for that string...

@matth The string in the dialog ("Please confirm you made an offer...") is not found in code search. However, it does appear in the app's exported JSON file. The exported JSON file contains hugely long lines and my editor can't reformat it, so it's hard to parse. But, the text is in there.

In the screenshot above where you show the list of queries, are those of them?

Also, check the app settings, JS and then in the environment overall...

Under settings in your instance of retool