Mobile: Confirmation modal not showing


Im building a mobile app, and wanted to open a confirmation modal before running a query, but the confirmation modal does not appear on mobile. The query (and confirmation modal) are beeing triggered on the click event handler on the indicated button:

Is this a known issue?

Hey @mdressel!

Thanks for surfacing this! The "Show a confirmation modal before running" actually wasn't meant to be supported and the option is set to be removed.

Could it work to use an "Alert" action before running the query instead?

Hello @Kabirdas ,

Thank you for the tip. That solved the issue :smile:

This should be fixed as of 2.123.0!


I'm running into an issue that seems to be related to this thread. I cannot seem to enable "Show on mobile" for modals. I click the switch in the editor and it remains grey.


I am using self-hosted Retool. Version is 2.116.5. Would this also be fixed by an upgrade to version 2.123.0 as posted by @Kabirdas ?


Hey @rtempero!

This is likely a separate issue since this thread is specifically for native app builder for mobile devices as opposed to the web view so it may be good to make a separate thread!

That being said, I suspect this issue may have to do with collision issues when trying to move the component over to the mobile view. You may want to check if an error that looks like the following pops up when trying to change the toggle:

If that doesn't end up being it let us know!

That was it. Sorry for bombing this thread. Should have done a little more research first.

No worries at all! Thanks for asking your question :grin: