Query's Confirmation Message is receiving wrong i value from button trigger in a ListView

I am triggering this query from a button in a ListView.

My query is:

EXEC DeleteFileGlobal @file_id = {{qryFilesFiltered.data[i].file_id}}, @table={{location.value}}

Which runs correctly.

My Confirmation message is:

#### Are you sure you want to delete {{qryFilesFiltered.data[i].name}}

But i is always 0 here so it asks if I want to delete the wrong file.

I guess my workaround would be to fire a JS query that triggers the delete query with additonalScope.

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Hey @bradlymathews!

Thanks for surfacing this, it looks like this is a regression in versions >2.110. I've let the dev team know and will report back here when it's fixed!

That also sounds like a good workaround for now, thanks for sharing it :slightly_smiling_face: