Where are apps stored in Retool Self Hosted?

Hi Retool Community,

We are running retool self hosted version 2.115.3 on an AWS EC2.

Brief question, where are the Retool Apps stored?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @jaybrent11 ,

If you’re using the default Retool configuration, they are stored in the postgres database in the postgres container. If you’re using an external database for retool, then they reside there.

@mbruijnpff thanks for your response.

got it, and is there anyway to read the data from within the postgres DB?

I tried the following both on the instance itself and from another machine in our cluster:

sudo apt-get install postgresql-client
psql -U retool_internal_user -d hammerhead_production -h postgres
psql -U retool_internal_user -d hammerhead_production -h localhost
psql -U retool_internal_user -d hammerhead_production -h

based on the conf defined in docker.env and received similar errors to the following:

psql: error: could not connect to server: Connection refused Is the server running on host "localhost" ( and accepting TCP/IP connections on port 5432?

I then inspected the docker container and found that the source of the mount was /var/lib/docker/volumes/retool-onpremise_data/_data but the data is not in human readble form.

Do you have any suggestions on reading the data from the postgres DB?

I don’t think the database accepts any other connections than from the retool container. You’ll need to execute commands from the postgres container or make the postgres container accessible from outside, which is in my opinion not a very wise thing to to.

Maybe This helps? You could dump the database or execute psql from the container.


@mbruijnpff The link helped! Thank you!

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