Migrate Retool Apps from one EC2 instance to another

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We are currently migrating our Retool Instance between VPC's. Is there a simple way to migrate our apps from the original EC2 instance to the new EC2 instance?

This question is the motivation for my previous thread: Where are apps stored in Retool Self Hosted?

As noted in the thread above, this docs page, Configure and migrate to an external database | Retool Docs, may be relevant but I imagine it'll be more complicated as we're migrating between VPC's.

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we have migrated from ec2 and embedded DB to eks with external DB (another VPC).
So there is no difference from the app side about VPC, just make sure you have connections. And create backup, restore to new DB (either embedded or RDS).
Also that could help:

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Hi @Punka, thanks for your response.

Just to clarify, we prefer to host the data in the retool postgres DB on the new instance, not necessarily an externally hosted DB.

Are we able to follow the steps in this documentation: Configure and migrate to an external database | Retool Docs to do that?

I guess there is actually no difference between restoring DB dump to either external or internal DB. Just make sure to dump and restore it properly.
Also, I would recommend not to stop old instance until you check your new instance with old data.