How can I connect to Postgres?

The on premise Retool Docker image/container seems to come with Postgres.
How can I connect to that from Retool?

Hello Pete!

You can actually connect to this database just like any other PostgreSQL integration. Here is a link to our docs that walks through the process:

Please, let us know if you have any further questions!


What is the default username, password and IP address? Given that this all setup in the same Docker image of Retool what extra configuration has been done?

To give more context.
I've downloaded Retool Docker image and I'm exploring things out locally with Docker for Windows.
I noticed that the Retool image comes with PostgreSQL as shown in my initial screenshot.
I want to be able to connect Retool to the PostgreSQL instance that is part of the Retool Docker image.
I've tried connecting to the PostgreSQL using the Docker command line, I needed to install sudo and then run a command on the image to connect. Now when I try to connect I get a fatal error in PostgreSQL, something about the role not being setup. I did not setup anything in PostgreSQL, the person/people that setup the Retool Docker image did.
I can easily connect to other Docker images which host Mongo, PostgreSQL, MySQL, just not this one.
What are my next moves?

Thank you for that additional context, Pete.

The credentials should be in the docker.env file. Do you see them there at all?

Thank you, problem solved.

Great news! Thank you for writing in. Please, let us know if you ever have any other questions!