Connect remotely to retool hosted postgres db

I have a retool self hosted install running on an AWS instance with docker. I've been tasked with seeing if developers can access that internal postgres db remotely from another EC2 instance.

I can grab the connection string but when I run sudo netstat -tulpn I see that the postgres db is not listening externally. Is there a way I can set the postgres db to listen externally?

I am running local instance of Retool and would love to know the answer to this as well.

Hey @connor.maher @KeithMacK, the containerized internal postgres db is not designed to be access externally, if you need external access we recommend setting up an external db for your instance to use vs the containerized pg db.

That being said, you should have access to the docker-compose file that defines all the services and can add entries for the ports on each service. We don't have any docs on setting this up as it's not recommended, but from a quick look it seems possible.