Using different resource credentials for different apps

I have set up a GraphQL resource, with the use of configuration variables that contains the username and password to access it within an application.

However, we've set up different action policies on our end that enables different logins to have different access to the server and what they could query.

We're wondering if we could utilize the same resource for different apps, but somehow use different configuration variables on each application, rather than adding multiples of the same resource but with a different set of username and password for each app. Is this possible?

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Hey @nik.shafiq! If you are on the free plan, then you would need to create a different resource with the different credentials. If you are on any other plan, you can leverage environments to supply different credentials to the same resource. Let me know if you have any other questions!

hey Joe! I'm actually on the enterprise plan and noticed the environment functionality. However, it seems that toggle is not available to the end users of an app. Is there any way we could allow end users to change the credentials of the resource?

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Hi @nik.shafiq, yeah I can turn a Feature Flag on for your org to allow viewers to switch environments. Can you share whether you are have a cloud or self hosted instance. If self hosted, the email used to sign up initially would be great so I can turn that on for you. Thanks!

Hey Joe, thanks for the reply. I'll let one of my team members, @rixlayer to send you a message of our initial emails used to sign up!

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Turned that on for you @nik.shafiq. Have a great day!

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Thanks for your help @joeBumbaca.

Just adding in, this can be toggled from
SettingsBetaViewer Environments Toggle

Additionally, the menu needs to be enabled too
SettingsBrandingUser menu

You should get this (a bit different to the editor view).

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