Enabling Environment Selection for Viewer Roles in Retool Business Plan

Hello! I have the business plan on Retool and I've noticed that accounts with the "viewer" role cannot select the environment they wish to work in.

Additionally, I've been researching on the forum and found out that there is a possibility to activate this option for my organization, which is essential for me, as I need the "viewers" to be able to access the appropriate environment to work in.

Hi there @RicardoGomez,

I don't think there is a way for users with "viewer" role to select the environment. I'm assuming you read the two posts below, but just linking them in case you didn't

I think maybe adding a select component with all of your environments and each one configured with an open app event and adding the URL parameter for each?

Dear Miguel Ortiz,

I have noticed some posts on the forum mentioning the possibility of switching environments. I appreciate the solution you have provided, and I have already implemented it; however, I do not believe it is the most appropriate practice. Since we are constantly developing applications, it is not practical to add a selection component to each one. Working with a considerable volume of applications would make this process tedious.

Here's a link to a post where they solve a problem similar to mine.

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Hi @RicardoGomez, welcome to the forum! :wave:
I think this is what you are looking for:

We used to activate it manually for each org upon request, but we "recently enabled the ability to edit this on cloud under the "Beta" settings page. The toggle you're looking for is "Viewer environments toggle" and should now be visible on cloud organizations." - @lukew