Environment switcher for endusers

I'm also basically re-posting this person's post:

End-users on our account don't have access to the environment switcher, and admins don't have access to the displayed Beta flag to enable that feature.

I sent an email to [support@retool.com] explaning this issue.
We need this exact solution Viewers can't access multiple environments - #2 by joeBumbaca

Hi @metehan.tasbas, welcome to the forum! :wave:

First and foremost, I'm sorry for the nerve-racking experience trying to solve this issue. We have now made sure the flag is activated for your organization. If you go back to Settings -> Beta , you should be able to find a toggle button for "Viewer Environments Toggle." Activating that setting should fix the issue.

Please let us know if you can't see the toggle button, or if your end users still can't switch environments. We'll be happy to take a closer look at the issue.

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Can we also have this for our organization? We have started to use user permissions more seriously and still need to allow people to see different enviornments.

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Hey @rypatter, we just enabled the flag to your organization! :white_check_mark:
Did one of your users do something they were not supposed to? :smiling_imp:

Hello @Paulo,

Is it possible to enable this feature flag for my organization?


Hi @ Mohammed_Algadhib, welcome to the forum! :wave:
We just enabled this feature flag for your organization! :hammer_and_pick:

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Hi @Paulo ,

Can you please enable the same flag on our organization?


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The feature flag has been enabled for your org. :checkered_flag:

Hi @Paulo!

Can you please enable it for our org, too? :pray:


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The feature flag has been enabled for your org. :racing_car::dash:
I also sent a DM to you with more details.